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The 29th STRALSUND SPRING SCHOOL 22.12.2021 09:51

HOST (Hochschule Stralsund, University of Applied Science Stralsund, Institut für Regenerative Energie Systeme – IRES. Institute of Renewable Energy Systems, Germany) jest organizatorem letniej szkoły FUSES 2022 poświęconej produkcji, magazynowaniu i dystrybucji energii pozyskiwanej z ekologicznych źródeł.

Poniżej przedstawiamy informacje dotyczące możliwości uczestniczenia w szkole, zapraszamy do zapoznania się i wykorzystania. Proszę zwrócić uwagę, że jest możliwość uzyskania dofinansowania kosztów wyjazdu.

Szczegółowych informacji udziela dr hab. inż. Wojciech Zeńczak, prof. ZUT.

The 29th STRALSUND SPRING SCHOOL will be held in the time from 25th April to 6th May 2022.

Currently we intend to host the event in presence. Depending on the developing pandemic situation in spring, we are also ready to hold the event online or in hybrid form.
We plan to continue our well-established programme with the following subjects in 2022 as we did in the past years:

"Spring School FUSES 2022 - FUTURE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SUPPLY - based on renewables, energy efficiency and sector coupling using hydrogen technology:
* Conversion and de-carbonization of electricity flows into sustainable energy and material cycles

* Utilization of renewable energy and feeding of volatile - green - electricity into the smart grids of the future

* Storage technologies for electric, heating/cooling and transportation systems

* The role, production and use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier in ptx technologies

* Fuel cells - perfect converters for a better energy/energy ratio

* Efficient conversion technologies for mobility / heat and power supply like drives, heat pumps....

* Integration and efficient use of bio and waste energy

In addition to the lectures, we again plan to include our laboratory training session and will complement the program with a full-day excursion to the Hannover fair (

For interested students we offer the possibility to have one additional week of practical/scientific work in the Laboratory of Integrated Energy Systems of IRES-Institute.



The participation is free of charge.

Students need to finance the following costs themselves:

  • travel to Stralsund and back,
  • daily boarding (Self-catering & shopping facilities are nearby, and there is a cafeteria and canteen on campus for breakfast and lunch.) and
  • 250 Euro for accommodation at our students’ guest house for the duration of stay from 24th August until 6th May 2022 (max. 35 students, double rooms as standard).

An extended stay from an earlier date such as Saturday, 23rd of April or with extra night(s) until 7th/8th May will be possible.

Currently, we have to limit the number of students from each university to a maximum of 4 students due to limited accommodation capacity. Like in the last years we will increase this number per university, if other universities cannot complete their student team. After a first registration round for 2022, the remaining open places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Furthermore, we would like to announce that we have received the approval from the German Academic Exchange Service to support our spring school in 2022. A limited number of participants (2-4 per university) from the following countries can get their travel, accommodation and daily allowance costs financed by a country-specific mobility allowance flat rateEstonia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland, Norway and Brazil. The purpose of the grant is to support the selection of the best students from your university. The criteria for selecting the students, who can benefit from the funding, are:

  • the students' previous study results (30%),
  • their motivation for participating in the Spring School (15%),
  • the relevance and purpose of the planned stay for their further studies (20%),
  • relevant language skills (20%) as well as
  • the applicants' social, cultural and societal commitment (15%).

Each university can decide on the selection for itself.

Furthermore the Contact Office of Universities of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania in the Baltic States offered again their support to cover travel costs for participants from the Baltic States.


Announcement for students 29th Spring School 2022 (PDF)

Spring School Stralsund 2022 Presentation (PDF)

2021 28th-Stralsund Spring School FUSES Schedule (PDF)